Last weekend was the grand opening for MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. in Van Nuys (San Fernando Valley). I was slacking a bit and didn’t want to carry my Canon around so I grabbed the wide angle adapter for my phone and snapped a few pics here and there.

I don’t think I could have predicted how popular this new brewery seems to be. I’ve been looking forward to it for months but I would have thought I’d be in the minority. Their specialty being British-insprired, cask-conditioned ales better known for their subtlety doesn’t feel compatible with the West Coast IPA’s and BA stouts, etc, that Los Angeles apparently loves. But, I think that’s where the genius of this place lies. Maybe we’re ready for a change. In any case, it was quite the scene. We got there for the 4:00-6:00 block, which was definitely busy but in talking to the food vendors who’d been there all day, it was practically wall to wall for the first 2-3 hours.

I tried The King’s Taxes (Scottish 60/-), The Little Spree (Yorkshire Pale Ale) and Jackie Tar (Brown Stout). My personal favorite was The King’s Taxes but that Jackie Tar (pictured above) certainly had something going for it, as well.