(Map image from tourtexas.com)

As time and fate would have it, we ended up back in the Metroplex for New Year’s Eve, etc.  I took the opportunity to seek out some more beer from the DFW.com breakdown around which Part 1 of this post is based.

In the breakdown, Revolver Brewing’s Blood & Honey and Lakewood Brewing Company’s Temptress tied for the top local brews.  I was luckly enough to find a taste of both of them.  My personal choice between these apples and oranges, for what’s it worth, was Blood & Honey, an American wheat with blood orange zest, locally sourced honey, and other spices.  It really had some gumption and the 7% ABV caught me off guard.  Temptress, an imperial milk stout, unfortunately suffered because it wasn’t Left Hand Milk Stout – it had an uphill battle from the start.  To be sure, this was a high quality beer and I clearly see why it was near the top.  But after I tasted Left Hand Milk Stout, I began to categorize other milk stouts into “Left Hand” and “Not Left Hand.”  This is, most likely, a short-sighted point of view as milk stout is not a style I gravitate towards often.  In the future, this is something I’ll work to amend.  I will say, however, that an extra bottle of Temptress made a great beer float.  I don’t know if I could say the same of Blood & Honey (but I’d be willing to try).

Honorable mentions to Rahr & Sons Brewing Company’s Red Amber Lager (even though it was served in a frozen schooner, it was still a nice lager to accompany some fish tacos) and Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s Deep Ellum IPA (featuring a who’s who of Pacific Northwest hops).

Side note: There is some crazy construction going on all over the place.  It seems like just about every road is different and I got lost multiple times.  The city planners must have had a meeting where they threw darts at a map on the wall to find out where the next comically-large bridge should located.