TPFIf you started reading this thinking I’m going to tell you what the Next Big Thing is  in American Craft Beer…you’re going to be disappointed.I don’t know the answer. And I retired my crystal ball, chicken bones, and Ouija board aeons ago. I know what I’d LIKE it to be and that, of course, is a very different story from what WILL be. More on that later….

I sent out ten emails, today. They went to ten craft brewing giants; folks whose names you’d know in a second if I gave them here. If they allow it, I’ll name them in the follow-up to this post but I wanted to ask, first. I also decided to make this a two-part posting for two other very solid reasons: 1) It’s a HUGE subject, with a lot of moving parts and 2) It’s far more your decision than it is any…

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